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How To Write A Business Plan

A business plan is a document used to convey information about a business, including what it is going to sell, how the products will be marketed, who the owner is and what the expected financial returns are. They are often written for early stage and start-up companies to help the entrepreneur fully understand the business or to raise capital from investors.

Although it may seem like a daunting task, the information provided below is meant to break the process up into a manageable amount of work. Click on the business plan overview to get started, or jump to any section by clicking on the title to learn more.

Business Plan Overview

  1.  Executive Summary - Overview of your entire plan

  2.  Objectives and Mission Statement - Covers the purpose of your plan

  3.  Business Summary - Overview of your business

  4.  Services and/or Products - Explains the products or services you sell

  5.  Market Analysis Summary - Discuss local, national and industry environments

  6.  Strategy and Implementation - Covers your business strategy

  7.  Management Summary - Explains who is going to be running your business

  8.  Marketing Plan - How you plan to reach out to your customers

  9.  Financial Plan - The most important section of your business

  10.  Appendix - Include ancillary information about your business here

How To Start A Business:

Small business ownership is one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to make a living because it allows you to build wealth doing something you love. There is so much information on the internet it can be hard to figure out where to get started. Mile High Business Plans is designed to be easy to navigate and filled with all the information you need to launch your business today.

Step 1: Research your idea and run a cash flow analsysis.
Step 2: Decide on your organizational structure.
Step 3: Register your business with the secretary of state.

Step 4: Create a business plan outline.
Step 5: Follow our simple business plan writing guide.
Step 6: Begin marketing your product to customers.

Step 7: Build your business website.
Step 8: Develop your social media presence.
Step 9: Optimize your website for search engines.

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Evaluating Your Business Idea

Below are several complimentary and invaluable Excel spreadsheets available for download that will help you evaluate the viability of your business idea.

Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Start-Up